hot friend

So nothing has happened but I guess I’ll just start writing about shit.

This weekend was pretty good. Went out to the lake with some buddies, spent all day Saturday out there, got wasted… Jonathan, Kelly, Stan, Elizabeth, and Trish were there. It’s Kelly’s house. Kelly is a guy by the way. His Mom was there, but she really doesn’t care when we drink, so we had some beers.

Kelly’s mom’s house is awesome and I go there all the time over the summer, since we’ve been friends since we were kids. Kind of weird though since he’s going to college in a month in some faraway boring-ass state in the middle of a corn field. This guy is crazy in a lot of ways. He’s good looking but I can only see him as a friend since we’ve known each other for so long and believe me I know stuff about Kelly that I wish I didn’t know.

With Jonathan it’s different. He’s….. really hot! Man, I cant believe I just wrote that. I def sound like some 13 year old girl now.

But really, I might as well be honest, I think about him when I jack off. Not all the time…. but he’s regular jerkoff material for me. Actually I think I’ve jerked off about him like five times since Saturday. Every time about this thing that happened at the lake that was really hot… I mean, really hot for me anyway… but maybe I’m just weird.

Somehow I got distracted just now, and stopped writing, woops. I’ve been in my room all morning, I should go out, peace


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