i need to get laid

Man, writing isn’t so easy. It took me for fucking ever to type that last post.

And now, officially, if some random person clicks on my blog and takes the time to read all this stuff they will learn that I am not only gay, but a creepy guy who perved out on his friend when he was drunk.

I guess I told the whole story. Nothing happened after that. On Sunday morning when I woke up Jonathan had a pair of boxer shorts on. I guess he got up at some point in the night and put them on. He never said anything about the night before, in fact we didn’t really talk at all that morning at breakfast before I drove back home, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t catch me feeling him up…..

But yeah, I got a new piece of jackoff material to add to my collection.

As you can probably tell, I’m pretty sex starved. I mean, it’s really bad. Lately I’ve been jerking off like two or even three times a day. I watch too much porn. I look at dirty pictures online, and now I don’t even try to mix in straight porn to feel better about it, it’s all dudes now.

Speaking of which… check this guy out. When I see a guy like this….. I can hardly take it!



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