another confession

Hey Internet. I’m Travis. Well, that’s not my real name. To be honest, I’m not going to use any real names on this blog. I decided that from the beginning. You can’t really blame me. I’m talking about all this crazy gay stuff and I told how I molested my friend, our underage drinking, illegal substance use, etc….. If I ever want to get a job, or not end up in jail, or lose all my friends, or be killed by one of them, I’d better not put any real names on here.

I’ll try to be honest about all the other stuff though. It’s taken me long enough to be honest with myself. It took me forever to admit to myself that I’m gay, first of all.

But now, I’m pretty sure that I’m gay. The fact that I grabbed my buddy’s dick while he was sleeping probably proves that. For a long time though I was in denial. I told myself that thinking about dudes was just a phase, some hormonal adolescent thing. I told myself I was just a normal guy, and couldn’t be gay. But the thoughts about guys never went away, they just got worse. Then I tried to convince myself that I was bi. But eventually I gave up trying to make myself think about boobs and pussies and fucking women when I jerked off. I was never able to cum that way, anyway.

Sure, I’ve messed around with girls. It wasn’t horrible. I even fingered a girl. It was the right thing to do at the right time. I even managed to get a little hard. But that’s about as far as it went.

Okay… so that brings me to my next confession. I’m 18 years old and still a virgin.

I know there are plenty of guys who are still virgins and it’s not a bad thing… and there are plenty of people who wait. Nothing wrong with that but… I always thought I would get lucky at least ONCE before I graduated high school.

Maybe I’ll never have sex my whole life. Just watch life guards when I go to the pool and jerk off in bed all the time. My best date, My Right Hand.


2 thoughts on “another confession

  1. jayinva

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being an 18yo virgin, though no one wants to be one. I fit everything you described above, except for one thing…if you’re gay, and staying closeted, you’d have to get ten kinds of luck all lined up to lose it and still be in the closet – I did, it wasn’t that great – call it a better than jerking off orgasm.

    Peace ❤


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