up all night, no getting lucky

I love that new Daft Punk song Get Lucky.. just like 99.9% of the rest of the world, I know. I haven’t met anybody who doesn’t like it. It’s one of those songs that makes people want to shake their heads to the beat or dance, whenever it comes on, especially at a party.

Anyway, around 1 am at Tara’s birthday party, not too long before the whole thing got busted up by the cops, I ended up hijacking the playlist with my ipod and put Get Lucky on, and you could see how it sent waves of good feelings through that whole house. Everybody started dancing. For a minute, everybody was having a great time, before it all went to hell. I think Tara owes me a thank you for that. Even though I never really said anything to her that night other than happy birthday.

I don’t know Tara that well, she’s one of those people that’s on the outside of your circle of friends but you still say hey to in the hall sometimes, and that’s enough to get you invited to the party. Actually I think I was invited because of Elizabeth, who knows her better. I’m pretty sure there were also people at that party who came but weren’t invited, because there were a lot of people there.

It was a great house for a party though, and honestly her parents must be loaded. They have a backyard like a jungle with all these flowers and palm trees and there’s a pool with a big wooden deck in the middle of all of it, and inside there were four big flat screen TVs in the first floor and basement alone.

This felt like an important party, because so many of us will be going off to college in less than a month, some of us are even leaving in a couple of weeks. It’s really weird to think about it, but there might have been people at that party who I went to school with for years and years, saw every day, who I might only see on vacations or maybe even never see again.

Maybe it was that that made the party turn out to be so crazy, because everybody knew that it might be the LAST party. We had to make it epic. I told my parents that I was going to Kelly’s place on the lake for the night because they always feel like they have to give me a curfew when I go out to parties, and Kelly picked me up this time, so if the party was good I could stay there all night and if not I could go back home with Kelly.

Pretty much all my high school friends were there, and mostly people were talking about college stuff in the beginning, and maybe you could really tell that this is one of the last parties because some of the people are already living in the future if you know what I mean, looking forward more to the college parties that will be bigger and better and more wild, and looking forward to those more than living in this one. Kelly is also that way right now, but different, because he’s not as big of a partier.

Jonathan was already there when I got there and we said hey like everything was normal so I guessed he really didn’t notice anything at the lake. Even still I was a little awkward in my mind, because I kept remembering what I did. But after a while I forgot about it.

After midnight some people went home, including Elizabeth, whose parents picked her up, but even she stayed later than she usually did. A lot of people were playing in the pool by that point, and even some guys who hadn’t brought their swim suits had gotten in with just their boxers shorts. Some of them were walking around on the deck and you could see almost everything. It was too hard not to look, so when I got out of the pool, that’s when I went inside with Kelly and we put on Get Lucky. By then I think a lot of people were drunk, and I was a little drunk too.

Then Kelly started dancing with a girl and I got bored of choosing songs to play so I walked around the house checking out all the nice stuff Tara’s parents had and wondering when something was gonna get broken because there were A LOT of people there and half of them were from other high schools who I didn’t even know. Some people were dancing and some people were grinding and some people were making out and I saw a guy taking a girl upstairs. Me I was mostly dancing to myself and I passed a girl I knew and danced with her but after a little while I kept walking.

I found Jonathan in the kitchen looking for pizza that hadn’t been eaten yet, there were like fifty boxes there on the counter and the kitchen table. We were eating pizza when we heard somebody shout from the living room that the police are here, and Jonathan and I looked at each other for a second with the pizza in our hands and he said “shit” and then we both looked out the kitchen window and yeah there were flashing lights.

This has actually never happened at a party I’ve been to before, so I didn’t know what to do, but I followed Jonathan out the back door and he yelled out COPS and a few people were looking confused and some people were jumping out of the pool and others were already running off but Jonathan and I ran straight on past them into the jungle garden all the way to the back and the music stopped behind us when Jonathan started climbing the big privacy fence. I followed him but had a harder time getting up than he did (don’t judge) so he gave me his hand and took my wrist and pulled me up that way, and then we both jumped down and I didn’t even stop to look at what was on the other side of the fence, just ran with Jonathan through the neighbor’s yard, this neighborhood has massive yards, and this one was even bigger than Trish’s, then a dog started barking and Jonathan was like fuck run! and we ran to the end of this yard where there was a short brick wall and we climbed up the wall and through this really thick hedge on top of it. Then we kept running like hell down the street until we got to a woodsy park and we just collapsed behind some bushes. We heard a siren and saw the lights of another cop car rolling along through the trees and when it passed, Jonathan and I looked at each other again, first seriously, and then we both started cracking up laughing. Then Jonathan said hey, and pointed at my leg and I saw there was blood running down it, there was a big cut up by my knee, must have happened when I was climbing the fence or maybe squeezing through that hedge. I didn’t even notice.

That looks pretty bad dude, Jonathan told me and I said it didn’t hurt at all. Then I got the idea to text Kelly to see what was going on, so I was doing that and all of a sudden Jonathan’s pressing a leaf up against the cut on my leg. I don’t think that’s gonna work I told him and then I just started giggling like a girl, I don’t know why, and then he did too, which is when a couple other guys ran into the park. One of them was carrying his jeans and had just boxers on, they must have also escaped. We asked them what was happening and they said they didn’t know and one of them was very drunk. Then another group of people came, both guys and girls this time. It was like a whole chunk of the party was migrating out here to the woods. So Jonathan said that we’d better get out of there, and that we could go to his house because he didn’t live so far away, and I said okay but wanted to wait for Kelly to text me first. Well we waited like three minutes and he never texted, but while I was waiting I was thinking about how I was going to sleep over at Jonathan’s and all of a sudden I was kind of nervous, like butterfly in my stomach nervous, but maybe that’s just because I was nervous for Kelly and because of what had happened and being afraid of getting caught, instead of the thought of sleeping with Jonathan.

So we left the woods, first jogging and then once we had some distance and felt safe we walked. Everything felt really quiet and empty after the craziness of the party, and it almost seemed like Jonathan and I were the only people in the world. We didn’t talk much but when we did we used low voices. I felt really free and warm and alive and connected to things, which might sound weird but it’s the only way I can describe it. Somehow, I think that Jonathan was feeling the same way.

On the way Trish texted him and he said she was going to meet us at his house too. When we got to his place she was like “Oh my GOD!” and so typically loud and dramatic but Jonathan shushed her because his parents were home, and I could tell just looking at her she had so many words stuck in her mouth she was seconds away from blowing up because Trish is one of those girls that has to talk about every little detail of everything or else she explodes.

We tiptoed around and Jonathan took me to the bathroom and gave me a first aid kit for my leg and then said really softly that he would be in his room. When I got there he and Trish were both already in bed, whispering to each other, so I stripped down to my boxers and got in bed next to Jonathan, and we traded stories with Trish about what had happened to us and how we got away until we got too tired to talk.

I fell asleep trying not to touch Jonathan too much but I had to a little because I was on the edge and there wasn’t much room. Closest I got that night to getting lucky….

The bed seemed like it was rocking, I fell asleep that way.


4 thoughts on “up all night, no getting lucky

  1. Joseph

    WOW, that’s crazy dude! Luckily cops have never crashed any party I went to, my mom would have flipped. If there were cops at a party around here, the whole town would know. Surprisingly, most of the kids that have parties down here have cops as parents or are related to em.

    I don’t know how you can handle being that close to Jonathan, I think I would go insane. You have guts, thats for sure. I don’t think I would be able to help myself either if I were you haha

    1. Travis Post author

      Oh my parents too…. believe me… but they still think I was at the lake. Somehow hanging with Jonathan feels really chill, but at the same time I’m kinda worried about doing something wrong again, in the back of my mind. Weird feelings.

  2. jlo68

    Hey I just found your blog today on The Closet Professor. I read all of your posts so far and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading it. Until recently I was in the closet my whole life. I am forty four. In June I had a heat attack and I had to reevaluate my life. I just wish that I could have admitted to my self that I was gay when I was your age. Anyway just wanted to say good luck and even though you might not know it we are all behind you.

    1. Travis Post author

      Man youve been having it rough…. hope things are going better now though, and youre in good health. Thanks for your support!!


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