boy crush

0007Reading over the last post it seems kind of boring, even though it seemed like such a crazy night when it was happening. Nothing that interesting happened, I guess. Maybe sometimes you just have to be there. Or maybe I’m just bad at writing things down.

Anyway, I never got a text back from Kelly, and I found out later on that he’d been arrested by the police. He told me the whole story. He and this girl had started making out and they hadn’t been paying attention much (ha ha) when the whole party came crashing down so they were caught, and Kelly got arrested and actually had to go to the police station and wait there IN JAIL for the rest of the night until his mom came to take him home.

He tried to play it off like the whole thing was no big deal but from the way he sounded it was kind of traumatizing for him and it seems like even his mom was really upset. I feel bad for Kelly, and the whole situation makes me angry. It doesn’t seem to me like he deserves what happened to him. It’s not like he was doing anything wrong, or something that would have hurt anybody, he wasn’t trying to drive home drunk, he was just having fun, like all the rest of us. I guess I did get pretty lucky that night after all. My parents would have thrown a FIT if I had been arrested. Really, they would kill me. It’s a good thing they don’t talk much to Kelly’s Mom, or else they might find out that I was actually there at the party. I don’t think they’ll find out. I hope not.

I think I have a legit crush on Jonathan. I’ve been thinking about him even more since the party, and not always in a sexual lustful way (even though I think about touching his dick sometimes when we’re hanging out, and I pop an instant woodie). Anyway, these crushy feelings are kind of weird for me when it comes to guys.

Tomorrow I have to work early. Hope it rains and it gets called off…


3 thoughts on “boy crush

  1. closetprofessor

    I remember my crush when I was your age. I still think about him sometimes. I do t think you ever get over that first boy crush.

    Sorry to hear about your friend Kelly. I hope everything will be alright.

    1. Travis Post author

      Thanks Joe. I hope so too, but I haven’t talked to him yet since so IDK. Might call him today to see whats up. And yeah I’ve had crushes on guys before but they were always pretty lustful ones, with Jonathan it feels kind of different somehow. So maybe it is my first crush….


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