hanging out with jonathan

0009This afternoon Jonathan texted to ask me if I could hang out, so I drove over to his place and we played some ball in his back yard and then went out to Chipotle. That nervous/excited feeling shot through me when I first saw that the text was from him, so yeah I think I really do have it bad right now.

The weird thing is that we’ve never been so close, and haven’t really hung out much one on one. We’ve known each other since middle school, but especially in high school he started hanging out more with his friends on the soccer team. That’s one of the reasons why I was kind of surprised to get that text from him. Maybe it’s because the night after the party I stayed at his place watching TV and playing video games, even after Trish had gone home. I knew that I had some time to kill because I told my parents I’d be at the lake on Saturday too, but it felt really relaxed and natural, and we had a good time.

It makes me wish we’d spent more time together when we were still in high school. It also makes me wonder what could have happened if we had. Not that anything would have ever happened, it’s just that now everything feels like it’s coming to an end. I think we both feel that way. We don’t talk about it, because there’s nothing really to say, but somehow this feels like it’s the last summer of my life and that’s kind of weird. When we were playing in his back yard I remembered the first time I came there, in middle school, and we played on the trampoline with his neighbors. The trampoline is gone now, guess his family got rid of it.


4 thoughts on “hanging out with jonathan

  1. naturgesetz

    Nice that he wants to hang out with you. Enjoy it. It’s possible that the friendship will continue.

  2. jayinva

    Yep, you can never have too many friends, and it sounds like you two have been friends long enough to consider it a REAL FRIENDSHIP. Relationships ebb and flow, and it seems like you are on a high point with Jonathan. I hope it stays that way.
    Peace ❤

    1. Travis Post author

      Yeah, maybe this is a high point. It would be nice if it could last a longer time, but there are new things coming up soon, in both of our lives. That’s life though.


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