Going on a date with Elizabeth tonight. We’re going to see The Wolverine, I think. I forgot to mention by the way, Elizabeth is my girlfriend.

We’ve been dating since the beginning of junior year, so we’ve been together a pretty long time now. I like spending time with Elizabeth, she’s a cool girl and one of my best friends. She’s pretty, but she’s not like a super girly girl. She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup. But she has enormous boobs. I remember the first time we really talked to each other, when we were freshmen doing group project in Civics class. We were supposed to be talking about whatever it was we were talking about, the Supreme Court maybe, I don’t know, I don’t remember, but like the whole time I couldn’t take my eyes off her boobs, they were so big. They must have their own gravitational pull, cuz they kept pulling my eyes down there. She was wearing a pink fluffy sweater that she wore all the time back then, kinda tight, and I think it made them look even bigger. Anyway, I’m sure she caught me staring and when I looked back up at her she had a really straight face but I know she was probably thinking, “What a typical pervy boy.”

Elizabeth is actually a good girl, and really smart too. She’s got accepted into the freaking Ivy League, after all. I didn’t even apply to an Ivy, because I knew I wouldn’t get in. She’s also on the softball team. Maybe that’s one of the only sports teams that accepts girls with humungus boobs like hers. Actually she told me that as a freshman they really embarrassed her, and that’s why she would wear baggy tshirts all the time back then, to hide them.

Anyway, I’m not trying to be macho or prove I’m straight or anything by going on and on about how big my girlfriend’s boobs are. I already admitted I’m gay after all. I guess I could have just said “Elizabeth has big boobs,” and that would have been enough, or maybe I could have left them out all together. But it’s somehow important because… well, I don’t know why. Sometimes I think she’s being wasted on me though. I bet a straight dude could have a lot of fun with those things. Not that I haven’t touched them before… and more… but, you know what I mean. You also know that I’m a virgin, so maybe what I’m actually doing is saving Elizabeth from all the horny guys at my school. I’m keeping her a good girl.

And sometimes I wonder if Elizabeth wonders about me, because I’m not interested enough in her boobs. And another thing.

Well, anyway that’s enough writing about boobs today. What am I even doing on this blog.


7 thoughts on “girlfriend

  1. jayinva

    I see nothing wrong at all with going out with your best friend, no matter your sexuality. If you can’t have a good time out with your friends, male or female, then there really is something wrong. But yeah, a lot about boobs! HAHAHA

    Peace ❤

  2. Joseph

    I can totally relate to this. Luckily, my relationship ended without having too many feelings involved. Now I feel bad for being gay because when she finds out, I hope she doesn’t feel like our whole relationship was a big lie and cover up. I still really cared for her, and did a ton of crazy things to make her happy. At least now you are certain you are gay. I mean, I could get aroused by her a bit, nothing like the thought of a guy though. She had huge boobs too by the way haha

    1. Travis Post author

      Dude, you shouldn’t feel bad! You did nothing wrong. It’s not like you can help being gay, and from what I can tell you really cared about your gf, and seem to still care about her. If she has a problem that youre gay when/if she finds out, then that’s totally her problem.

  3. Sean

    You are doing a good thing with your blog, you have found a way to voice these things – I find myself that in order to actually comprehend the whole of a complex situation and make some progress in understanding it you have to lay it out either as a conversation with someone or if that’s not an option writing it down. When I was your about your age and going through most of the same things I found the only way I could get my head around it all was to keep a diary – we didn’t have blogs back then so I’m feeling pretty old right now as I realise it nearly 15 years ago.

    Stick with it and in the end it will all sort itself out – it may be a bit messy on the way but that’s life.

    1. Travis Post author

      Thanks Sean. I’m finding it does help to write this stuff down. And it’s nice to get feedback from guys who’ve gone through the same things. Thanks for reading.


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