more summer excitement

Talked to Kelly today on the phone, thinking we might be able to hang out at the lake again this weekend, but he said he and his mom got into a fight because of the arrest and he’s staying with his dad now for a week, maybe longer. Which must mean it was a really big fight because Kelly and his dad don’t get along too well. We didn’t talk for long and the phone call left me feeling pretty bummed and lonely so I texted Jonathan, but he’s going to Destin on Saturday with a couple of soccer guys. So I don’t know what I’ll be doing this weekend yet.

Attaching picture of hot dude to make this post a little less shitty0005


One thought on “more summer excitement

  1. jayinva

    I hope you find something to do! I’ve got a family gathering this weekend, 5.5 hours away, but that’s OK, it’s worth it.

    Peace ❤


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