a date my grandparents would be proud of

Went out with Elizabeth again last night. We got dinner, Mexican, and then ice cream. We’re such a normal couple!….. we would be anyway, if we were living in the 1950s. Oh yeah, and if I weren’t thinking about dick all the time when I’m holding hands with her.

Actually it was a double date, with a girl named Melissa and her boyfriend Chad. Elizabeth and I don’t do alone dates much anymore, unless it’s going to a movie, which we do pretty often, but still. Elizabeth and I started out friends, and then a little while after we crossed the line into more than friends, we became a couple. Right now it seems like we’re slowly moving back into the Friend Zone. In fact we would probably already be back there if we weren’t going away to different colleges so soon. I’m not in love with Elizabeth, and she’s not in love with me. I don’t know if she ever was, maybe in the beginning, but now definitely not. At least, I think not. Maybe you can never tell for sure with girls.

Anyway, whether she loves me or not, neither of us has brought up the fact that we won’t be living in the same town anymore in a matter of like, days. I think I could tell if it was bothering her. She seems totally normal though.

Staying in a relationship until we go to college saves us both the trouble and the awkwardness of having a breakup.

The only thing that’s a little awkward is saying goodbye after a date. It used to be that we would really make out. But now it’s kind of like, we kiss, give each other a little tongue, and then I hold her for a second and say, “okay, now see ya!” It’s like a routine now.

It’s also nice having Elizabeth around at times like this weekend, when there was literally nothing else for me to do, and I’d have probably ended up just staying at home, being antisocial.

Dad’s been gone today, so thankfully I haven’t had to deal with him. Especially since I ignored him “grounding” me to go out last night.


3 thoughts on “a date my grandparents would be proud of

  1. jayinva

    Dunno why I didn’t comment when I first read this!

    Travis, I went through the same things with girls. I dated them, had relationships, and tried like hell to keep them from progressing to the next level – the “sex is a possibility” level. I presume you’ve known Elizabeth a long time, at least through high school, so perhaps you can tell her why things haven’t progressed before you leave. At least she won’t be left wondering what she could have been doing wrong!

    Peace ❤


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