my future roommate

0010These past few weeks I’ve been getting more and more emails from my future college, and now they’re coming steadily every day, but today I got the first one I really cared about, which is the one that told me who my roommate will be. Like a month or so ago I had to send in a questionnaire that asked me things about what I want my roommate to be like. I just ignored all the survey questions and wrote “I don’t give a fuck, as long as he’s hot.”

Not really. I answered everything honestly. I want a good roommate. But I have to admit every time I marked down my answers I thought “Would this match up with what a really hot guy would say?!”

So I got the email and right away I looked him up on facebook and looked at everything about his profile that I could, but haven’t added him yet, because I didn’t want to seem creepy and desperate.

I’m so cool, right?

I wonder if he would also think it’s creepy that I already have an idea of how things will play out when we’re living together. Well, actually I have a lot of ideas. In most of my ideas, my roommate is shirtless and super ripped, and he’s usually saying something to me like, “Hey, you up for a shower?” and “Mind if I jerk off right now? Yeah I mean RIGHT NOW,” and “Wanna give me a hand with this?”

Anyway, there are a million porno-situations that could play out in a college dorm room, and I think I’ve thought of almost every last one of them. In detail.

But, back to reality. I can’t tell much from his facebook page, most of his stuff is private. But let’s just say that from what I can see my imagination is still running pretty actively.

All this shit aside though: I’m kind of nervous about sharing such a small space with someone, for months and months. I’ve always had a room to myself. What if we don’t get along… or… what if he finds out I’m gay, and freaks out…?

I’ve said this before, but I think way too much.

Okay, reading back over this post I think it’s definitely the creepiest one I’ve written yet. Oh well, no shame, clicking PUBLISH


11 thoughts on “my future roommate

  1. jayinva

    I’ve said for a long time that one of the most difficult transitions a young person makes is sharing a dorm room if they’ve had their own room all their lives. I’ve got a lot of younger friends who went through this, and they all survived, so have no fear! By day two, you’ll both have each others class schedules beside your monitors so you’ll know when you can have some alone time, and as far as dressing, etc., that will work out, too. Don’t know where you’re going, or what sort of dorm you’ll be in, but a lot of dorms these days have shower stalls so it’s not like the old days of gang showers like locker rooms.

    Oh, and the questionaire…did it ask your orientation? If so, did you answer it truthfully? Were there any questions about that sort of thing? If so, he answered them, too. I think you’ll find college will be a place where you are accepted for who you are, gay and all.

    You’ll be fine. Why would it be creepy or desperate to friend him on Facebook? Isn’t that why the college sends you his info?

    Peace ❤

      1. Madison Parker

        Yes! I loved Social Skills. But they weren’t roommates in that one, were they? I’m thinking more along the lines of Todd Young’s “Dressing Up”. That one stars a really horny college guy obsessing over his roommate, sneaking peeks whenever he can, even coping a feel if I remember correctly… It’s not a light read—it’s edgy, and more erotica than romance, but I really liked it. You can see my review here:

      2. jayinva

        No, they weren’t roommates, the protagonist’s roommate left school if I remember correctly.
        I’ll read the review, I’m really enjoying being immersed in m/m romance!

  2. kenn-do

    firstly, hey man i stumbled upon this from some other blog, juzzz sorta introducing myself to not sound so random, but

    hahaha!!! DAMN SON i had the exact same fantasies that my roommate was going to be really hot, or that he would sleep naked or change naked in front of me all the time. he didn’t exactly turn out to be, but he was such a chill dude i roomed with him for soph year too. what i learned was it didn’t really matter anyway, because there would definitely be at least one or two hot guys in your dorm, and they always would walk around the dorm shirtless all.the.time, and somehow i would find a lot of stuff to talk about with them whenever they were shirtless…

    and man…even if u knew the roomie’s schedule, some times plans change. i almost got caught once jerking off to some pr0n, which would have been extremely awkward if he’s like ‘wait did i just see two dudes and a cup’ but thankfully he saw nothing.

    and dude! just shoot him a facebook message and say yo what’s up did a simple search for your name on facebook hope i got the right guy, i’m so bored can’t wait to start school, and he’ll probably add u as a friend so u don’t have to feel like the creepy one

  3. naturgesetz

    It’s possible you guys will really hit it off and become good friends. More likely, you’ll be able to get along okay, possibly with some friction you can get beyond with a bit of compromise. Less likely that you won’t be able to get along, but you can always ask for a change if you have to (and if he freaks out because you’re gay, he can ask to be moved). Also unlikely that he’ll turn out to be a romantic partner.

    I think most people are okay with their roommates but tend to be better friends with other classmates whom they meet as they go along.

    Bottom line, it’s nothing to worry about. One way or another, things should turn out okay.

    And I agree, it’s not creepy to look him up. He’s probably done the same with you. It might even be a good idea to get in touch before you arrive on campus just to say, “Hi, looking forward to meeting you.” I mean, what’s the point of them telling you in advance if not to make that possible?

    1. jayinva

      It also helps to make sure you’re both not showing up with 42″ flatscreens! There’s only room for one! 96 sq. ft. apiece, if the article I read tonight on what to bring and what to leave at home is correct!

  4. Travis Post author

    Hey guys thanks for all the comments!

    Jay: No the questionnaire didn’t ask about sexual orientation, it was all pretty basic stuff really like smoker/nonsmoker, sleeping habits, “housekeeping style” stuff like that. As for the showers and changing and stuff I already had to deal with that all through high school so I’m pretty used to that now. But sharing a room will be new. So we will see.

    And yeah we added each other already actually, I just didn’t want to yesterday right after I got the email because I didnt want to seem like I was constantly refreshing my laptop and that Im on facebook all the time and dont have any life. haha


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