hot dudes at the pool

0006I work at a summer tennis camp, and this was the last day, so we had a party at the pool. It wasn’t really that out of the ordinary, since we actually go to the pool every day at camp (cuz the kids can’t play tennis in the sun for hours and hours without a break), but this time it was different because we had pizza and cookie cake. I’ve done this job for three summers now, and it beats bagging groceries, which I have also done, but what it actually boils down to is a really shitty babysitting job. Instead of taking care of 2 or 3 rowdy kids for a couple hours, you have to take care of 30 for half the day, and on top of that you get paid less.

This time there was a group of three hot guys, around my age, who I didn’t know. I was laying out in the sun, discreetly checking out these guys, pretending to pay attention to the kids while I was actually trying to ignore them (yeah, I’m talented). These hot guys were diving and they were all pretty good, but one of them was really good. He also happened to be the hottest one. Great tan… nice abs… I watched the dive but also watched for that moment when they came up out of the water, their shorts all clinging and weighed down with water….

Meanwhile, this girl Sally, who works with me, was distracting me. She flirts with me sometimes, and today she was laying it on pretty thick. Don’t know why since this was probably the last day we’ll ever see each other. Guess she decided she wouldn’t go down without a fight. She was really clutching at straws though after a while. “Where’s your girlfriend going to college? Won’t you miss her? Are you two going to stay together? That’s so hard…… I don’t know if I could ever be in a long distance relationship….. and please tell me WHY aren’t we friends on Facebook?!” She was holding a book but not doing much reading. When she’d totally run out of shit to say she said “Oh, I don’t know WHAT I’m going to do when I finish my book.” I guess she wanted me to ask her what it was about. So I did. I’m a nice guy. Sorry if you wanna know about it though, because I couldn’t tell you. When she was going on about the book I was probably thinking about that diver’s cock.


3 thoughts on “hot dudes at the pool

  1. jayinva

    Good times, Travis! I hate it when some girl decides she wants me, and won’t take no for an answer.

    I think your job beats bagging groceries about 10 times over! And babysitting 2 or 3 brats is tough, take my word for it. I’d rather have the help of the rest of the staff to handle 30 of them.

    I love clingy wet shorts!

    Peace ❤

  2. Mind Of Mine

    I totally get why she was laying it on thick, she has been throwing it at your all Summer, but before she goes, she needs some kind of confirmation that she wasn’t imagining things.


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