more phone calls

0016So, after a few more calls, the plan for the weekend is set.

Kelly called me back at 7 and told me that he would be down for going camping if Linda could come too. I almost thought about saying never mind because I don’t really want to spend my last weekend with Kelly as a third wheel, but I said okay, and said that I’d also talked to Jonathan and he might come with. So then I called Jonathan and asked him and he said he would definitely be up for camping (awesome), and said he wondered if Stan would be up for coming too (not quite as awesome), but I said sure and then Jonathan called me back after calling Stan and he said that Stan said he would think about it.

So on Saturday it’s camping with Kelly, his mystery girl, and Jonathan. Tonight: the Hookah Bar with them, Stan, and maybe Elizabeth. And maybe something will be going on after that, but I’m not sure.

Have a lot to get ready for, so I leave you with a hot guy pic. (Speaking of which… can somebody get me this guy’s number?)


4 thoughts on “more phone calls

  1. jayinva

    Sounds like good times! Have fun with Kelly AND Linda, and Jonathan, and even Stan if he shows up. I know I’ve been on party camping trips with extras and things went, well, OFF THE SCALE! But no forests were actually burned down, nor animals larger than deer eaten.
    Peace ❤

  2. mateo

    It should be easier for you to get naked in showers when surfers shower,Some will keep there suits on but other too shy for once will get naked too, and you will like it!


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