planning and shit

0017I talked to Kelly on the phone this morning, and was hoping I would get some more info on the mystery girl, but he didn’t seem too into phone talking. I told him that the count down to when we leave for college is running down super fast, and that I’ve been thinking we should do something really awesome to bring an end to the summer. Normally this is the kind of spontaneous thing Kelly would get excited about, and it’s never been too hard to get Kelly carried away with something if you want him to be, but this time I wasn’t getting an enthusiastic vibe. So I asked him to tell me about this chick, and what makes her so special that he’s spending so much time with her all of a sudden. And then he said: “I think I’m falling in love with her,” which made me laugh out loud. Couldn’t help it. I said “Seriously!?”

And he said yes and asked me what was so funny, and I could hear an edge of saltiness in his voice.

I was like, “You can’t really be falling in love with a girl right now, you leave for college like next week!”

He said that was a typical Travis thing to say, so I asked him what he meant by that and he didn’t answer. Whatever. He just asked me what I had in mind for the weekend.

I told him we could go camping. Or ride down to Six Flags like we did last summer. Or go to the city, or even the beach, I mean there’s a ton of things we could do.

He said he would talk to Linda (that’s this girl’s name, apparently) and then he would get back to me about it later, and then I said alright, and the phone call was finished. The whole thing was kind of lame, but unfortunately I’ve been coming to expect that from Kelly lately.

Jonathan’s coming back from Florida today, so I also texted him to see what he was going to get into this weekend, and he just now replied saying he was actually planning on asking me the same thing, which made me feel kinda good. I told him I would let him know if I heard about anything going on.

Anyway, I checked Facebook and it’s looking like a quiet weekend so far. We’ll see though… I texted Elizabeth, and a couple other people.

Until I hear something, I play Xbox and look for a few more nice pics to post to my blog. Summer life!


2 thoughts on “planning and shit

  1. jayinva

    Honestly now, weren’t you a bit snarky with him? I’m sure he knows college is two weeks away. And some relationships survive long distance (though it’s a slim chance, IMHO). Is there perhaps a bit of jealousy there, Travis? Him finding someone while you haven’t? Just asking. I admit I hate it when suddenly I’m the third wheel and am more or less abandoned by good friends for others (frats come to mind, as well as girlfriends, wives, you get it). But you have to soldier on! Life flows. (Trite, I know, sorry.)

    Hope you find a good time with Jonathan this weekend! You’re right, you don’t have many weekends left with your current crowd (though you’ll get together at Thanksgiving and Christmas, etc.).

    Peace ❤

  2. naturgesetz

    By now, I hope you and Jonathan have come up with something to do — like you could go camping. Or ride down to Six Flags. Or go to the city, or even the beach, I mean there’s a ton of things you could do. You don’t need Elizabeth or a couple other people.


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