You have no idea how much penis I had to wade through on the internet to find this one picture of a guy holding a pen. It was hard. Really HARD. So thank me, guys.

So maybe now that a few people are reading this blog (big thank you to the people who are, by the way), it’s rude to be writing stuff like this that doesn’t really matter to anybody. Is this stuff boring you guys?

Since I started posting on here, I think I’ve written more than I ever have in my life. The weird thing is that even though I’m writing what seems to me like shitloads, there are always about 10 million more things that I can think of to say.

Like this camping trip. I wanted to write about it so that even you guys, who weren’t there, could understand what happened and could see what happened in your head. But I think I did a pretty shitty job. At least not as good of a job as I wanted. Maybe it’s not even possible to do what I wanted to do, unless you’re a really good writer. I’m not that great of a writer. I never got such good grades in English.

Still, like some of you have said, the writing is starting to help me think about all the stuff that’s happening somehow. Don’t really know how. I don’t think it’s solving any problems, but at least it’s helping me to think about them.

Kelly has Linda, and I’m jealous. But not because I want Linda. It’s because Kelly has what I can’t have. And he doesn’t need me anymore.


6 thoughts on “writing

  1. WARPed

    Thanks for wading through all those penises…it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

    You can write about whatever you want, it’s your blog (and it’s pretty interesting for the most part, and you seem to have a good sense of humor.)

    Now some constructive criticism:

    You write pretty well. You are right about there always being more to say. Editing/revising is a big part of writing.

    So is sticking to the topic. Your last sentence about Kelly and Linda really doesn’t have anything to do with the previous paragraphs, where you talk about the writing process itself.

    It should probably be a separate post…just sayin.


  2. naturgesetz

    I don’t know why you’d say you’re writing stuff that doesn’t matter to anybody. Maybe it’s not the sort of thing that’s likely to change our lives radically, although it could help a reader, especially a young one, understand himself better when he sees experiences which have something in common with his own. But beyond that it matters to us because we’ve come to empathize with you. We care about you. We want you to know that regardless of any chasms on camping trips or elsewhere, you’re not alone. We want to give advice if we can think of any to give. We want to be a cybershoulder to cry on when you feel bad.

    I disagree with Andy about editing and revising and about making the lines about Kelly and Linda the subject of a separate post. Blogs are not intended to be high literature. They are a way for a person to share what’s on his mind. If you do that, you’re doing fine. Maybe, if you find that the comments show constant misunderstandings, you could ask yourself how you could make things clearer, but there’s no need to wordsmith everything (which is what I do, and it means it takes forever for me to write anything). As for a separate post: you were writing about your post about the camping trip, and Kelly and Linda were part of it, so why not mention your thoughts about them?

    Yeah, it definitely feels bad when a friend becomes more interested in something else β€” worse still when that something else is another person β€” and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

    Hang in there and look forward to making friends in college.

    And keep writing as much as you want.

  3. jlo68

    Your writing was spot on. I think that you did what you wanted because we felt like we were there with you. When I was writing on my blog all the time I just wrote what was in mind. And remember you are not alone. LOVE AND HUGS

  4. closetprofessor

    I love your writing, and I couldn’t agree more with naturgesetz. I would not have read all of your post, at least once, most times twice, if I did not enjoy reading what’s on your mind. I look forward to that email telling me that you’ve posted something new.

  5. jayinva

    Your writing is excellent. The piece on the camping trip made me feel like I was looking at it through your eyes. Believe me, there’s a lot of blogs out there, if your writing wasn’t interesting, if your life wasn’t interesting, there’s plenty more I could read, I’m sure! And I really respect naturgesetz’s and closetprofessor’s opinions on things like this, they wouldn’t say things like they did if they didn’t mean it!

    We can always go on and on. Sometimes I do, then when I post it I look at it and think “holy crap, who’s going to read through that mess?” So your posts are fine. Write more posts if you’ve got more to say, it’s OK. But I kind of like the stream of consciousness approach. I edit for spelling, some grammar (I’m a grammar nut, but I don’t judge others), and that’s about it. You get what I think. We get what you think. I like that.

    Peace ❀


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