Packing now. Mom’s helping, sort of. She bought me a plant today, and a jumbo set of toilet paper. I told her, “I think they have stores there too Mom. And if I walk into the dorm with that much toilet paper my roommate’s gonna think I have bowel issues or something.” (Or that I’m a freak masturbator… which actually isn’t too far off from the truth).

“You’ll thank me later. Trust me,” she says. I really don’t want to know what my mom thinks I’ll need all that toilet paper for.

Then she asks me stuff like what color my roommate’s bed covers are. She’s asked me about this more than once. No joke. “How am I supposed to know?” I say.

“Haven’t you talked to him? I told you to ask him!”

Do you want him to think I’m gay? Do you want him to think I’m going to try to color-coordinate his pillow cases with the rainbow flag I’ll hang up on the wall? I think about saying something like this, but I don’t. Instead I say, “There are way more important things to talk about.”

“THIS is important!” she says.

There’s already more stuff than will be able to fit in my car, so we’re going to have to take two. My brother has school and my dad says he needs to work, so my mom will drive with me, in the other car. It’s a long drive. About ten hours. But my mom will stay with relatives up there for a couple days before she comes back home.

The trip is going to be long and boring, but I don’t mind it that my mom and I are in separate cars. My mom can talk a lot, and if we ride together I would probably hear a lot more about those blankets.


7 thoughts on “packing

  1. naturgesetz

    LOL about the blankets. (Maybe your Mom would be satisfied to get some when you get there and find out what color his things are.)

  2. jayinva

    My question: Does she think you have to supply your own TP? Every college dorm I’ve seen has a housekeeping staff that keeps that stuff stocked in the toilets! Or maybe she does know more about you than you want her to! HAHAHAHA

    Ten hours! WHEW! Nothing like heading WAY AWAY. Tip: Don’t let everyone know you’ve got a car. You’ll be the most popular guy in the dorm, but also the brokest, because everyone always has money for their own beer and pizza, but none for gas!

    I can’t believe she wants to color coordinate your bed linens! HAHAHAHA Be careful when you get there – if your roomie already there, or shows up, she’ll try to sneak out and go to Walmart of something to get new ones!

    Please be careful driving 10 hours. That’s a long haul, and it’s easy to get tired behind the wheel. Take plenty of breaks.

    (BTW, unless you drive a tiny car like a Mini Cooper, two car loads of stuff for a college dorm room is one carload too much! Just you wait and see!)

    Peace ❤

    1. Travis Post author

      Like I said, I really don’t know why she thinks I need it. I did mention that but sometimes there’s no talking any sense into my mom, so I just give in lol

  3. Andrew

    Hi, Travis,

    I’ve been meaning to write you a reply post for a few days now. I came across your blog a few weeks ago and look forward to each new post. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    Although I’m now 36, I can totally relate to your posts. We’ve all been there. Trust me! I started to make steps to come out of the closet the summer before my freshman year of college. All through high school, I was totally in love with my best friend, but, of course, never did anything about it. During my first year of college, I finally came out to some of my new friends and did so with my hometown friends shortly thereafter. It took a breakup during my junior year, before I came out to my parents. All went very well.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that what you’re feeling is totally normal and that, as cliche as it may seem to say, things will get better. You’ll eventually look back at this time as an exciting and romantic one.

    Good luck at school!


  4. Andrew

    Oh – two other things:

    1. Love today’s photo!
    2. Any reason why you’re reluctant to talk about your sexuality with your friends and parents? Just not ready yet, or are you concerned about how they would take it?

    1. Travis Post author

      Hey Andrew thanks for reading and replying! To answer your question, it’s a little of both. I’m still working out this stuff myself and even if I was ready I don’t know how people would react…. but yeah, maybe I’ll write a post about that next time.


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