Hey guys, I’m Travis. I’m a pretty typical 18 year old guy, but I’m gay and nobody knows it. I started this blog to get some stuff off my chest, and share this part of my life with some people, anonymously.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. JiEL

    Dear «Travis»,
    Just feel free to evolve in your sexuality at YOUR rythm.
    Don’t rush it but keep on going forward.
    I’m an «old teacher» and aware of the issues of being gay for teens and young men.

    Even if I’m in Montréal, Canada, (the most advanced place to be for a gay guy) young men here have their issues too BUT it’s easier ….
    Our society is more tolerant too…

    So, if you ever need to exchange with me, just feel free to do so.
    I have so many ex-students that are gay and are very good friends of mine now.

    Take care and «It’s going to be better and better for you» because your talking of you and you feel the need to go further …

    Friendly yours
    JiEL, Montréal, Canada

  2. RobFather-X

    Hey g. Congrats on starting a blog. You’ll find blogging to be therapeutic. It certainly is for me, although I don’t blog as often as I’d like. I’m a much older bisexual male – one many in my world assume is straight but others are starting to realize that I might not be. They assume what they do because (I’m told) I don’t have or display the stereotypical characteristics of a gay or bisexual man (whatever that’s supposed to mean). I am a very masculine guy so I can understand the mindset. I support many LGBT causes but am not on any particular bandwagon. I live a discreet life; that is, I don’t feel the need to just tell others of my sexuality unless I have good reason or unless asked. I operate under my version of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. That means depending on who asks determines on whether I share that intimate information. There are too many homophobes and narrow-mind people where I live. In my blog Keepin’ It…REAL! (robfatherxkeepinitreal), certain things I write about regarding sexuality ambiguously indicate that I am bisexual. I often write that way intentionally. Someday very soon, I’ll just come right out and say on in some article, “I’m a bisexual man”.
    Regarding anyone’s non-heterosexual orientation; I simply don’t believe in people being forced or encouraged to “come out” to reveal who they are sexually but to proceed in sharing that personal information with whomever they choose and feel most comfortable and trusting and only as he or she feels most ready and willing to do. Sometimes that can take years.
    All my best in your young life, your endeavors and with the blog. I’ve enjoyed reading some of the posts here and have added this blog to my Readers list on WordPress. Be well.

  3. John

    Hey, I read your blog over thanksgiving break and I really did enjoy it. I keep visiting to see if you decided to blog again. My situation is similar to yours except I go to college next year. I wish you would make another post to update us. It’s interesting to have someone to relate to even if I don’t know you that well. Anyway, I hope you post again.

  4. Travis

    I just read your blog from start to end, it was like binge watching a TV show! And you’ve not written in almost 2 years?!? Please write more!! Oh and thanks for choosing an awesome name.



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